Saturday, 16 September 2017

Who's the worst?

I am. I'm the worst at blogging. The actual worst. I apologise. That's all I can say.
However, last Wednesday I had an absolutely freaking amazing ride! I schooled Sunny and I can honestly say it was the best unsupervised ride we have ever had. Like I'm not saying we've never achieved this level before. We have. But only under instructor supervision. But we just went out to the field on our own and honest to goodness smashed it.
He was bending, he was flexing, he was leg yielding with genuine crossing of the legs. He did the most beautiful canters, I just couldn't have been happier with how he was working and we had so, sooo much fun!
I schooled him again on the Saturday and he was super again, not quite to the level of Wednesday but still working really hard and super relaxed without being lazy. We worked some more on re-enforcing the idea of using his right side more to carry me when bending to the left and he was really good.
Then this Friday Beth came with us for a walk while I took him out for a hack. Overall he was really good and the one tantrum he did have was easily containable (though it lasted a while I never felt like he was particularly explosive). He played up at his usual spot, going past the top gate of his field where he would no longer be able to nosy at his friends and know what was going on. He stopped and turned to go back and refused to turn back around so instead of arguing with him I let him continue facing that way...then asked him to back up. I didn't care which direction we were facing as long as the direction we were moving was the way I wanted to go. I basically just sat quietly and every time I felt him relax asked him to reverse a step. After a little while I managed to get him turned around again to face the direction we were going then with a little hand from Beth leading us we got him going forwards again. Mission accomplished, who's the winner now Sunny? It's not you is it? No. It's me! So we went up to the top farm before turning a circle and coming home, however when we got back Beth suggested taking him past where he would normally turn into the yard, just a few steps, to show him that he doesn't always get to go straight home. I did that and it was pretty successful and we even managed to turn around the other way and walk a little way back up the lane then I turned him around and brought him home. I know it wasn't far but it was a lesson that trucking your way on home it's going to get you back faster, you still have to do as you're told!

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