Sunday, 3 September 2017

Back to work for Ron

So Ron has had 3 rides now since coming up lame at the fun ride and I'm going to put them all in one post because otherwise I'm never going to get caught up!
The first ride was just to test him out under saddle and make sure he felt up to working again, it was a full walking ride, the intention was for it to be a hack but it was super windy so I decided to just take him in the field and walk some really long straight lines and super large circles so he wasn't doing anything too taxing.
A few days later I took him on a hack with the plan to mostly walk with a little bit of trot thrown in. We went up the lane to the top farm, he had a couple of spooks which I expected because it had been a while but after he realised that he was definitely not allowed to go home he was pretty chill and would just stop and investigate if he found something a little concerning. He even walked past the barking dogs with very little hesitation and he usually stands there for a few minutes before he'll go past so that was a winner! I took him out into field round the back of the top farm for some trotting on the nice ground and he was super. After a couple of sets of trot he actually popped himself into canter as if to say 'I can do this too mum!' then came back to trot after about 4 strides. Since he was willing I asked him to canter again and he showed me he was 100% sound and absolutely fine thanks! We had a lovely little canter then some more trots as we made our way around the edge of the field then headed home at a nice chilled walk on a long rein.

Then yesterday I was invited out for a hack with L and her mum D, so I tacked up and headed up to meet them for what I expected to be a nice quick hack. Ron was absolutely perfect on the way up to their house (the top farm), stopped to look at a couple of things but then happily tootled on past once he decided they were safe. When we got there L and D were pretty much ready and as they were mounting up I was asked if Ron would go in water because we were going to the river! We headed out up into the woods that I go in regularly then D lead us out into another field that I've not ventured through before, we walked through the huge stubble field, out through a little narrow field then through to another field before coming out through some more trees to find ourselves by the river she meant, I had no idea we could even get that far! It was super cute, L took her pony in the water and he had a great time splashing around, D and her mare followed them in but Ron was hesitant so I decided to lead him in myself. He was super chill once I was on the ground with him and walked into the water no problem. I got back on him while we were in there and he wandered around a little before we came out. I was honestly super happy with his reaction and hoping the more I expose him to stuff like that the more chill he'll become with it.
On the way back we had a little canter through the stubble field and then kicked it up a notch for little Ron to have his first gallop, which he loved! He was so calm about it though, perfectly happy that the others were leaving him in the dust (little legs yo!) and just cruising along happily like a little pro. He then showed just how chill he was by being happy to walk along behind when L decided to go for a gallop on her own. I could not be more proud of him!

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