Sunday, 17 September 2017

A case of the wiggles

Last Friday I schooled Ron in the field, it was the first time in a quite a while for a genuine schooling session and it definitely showed. Baby pony is very wiggly and will wiggle around if the ground changes....or anything changes really! We did some practice with actual bending rather than just taking corners at a 90 degree angle, he was really good with it in walk but struggled in trot and canter. I've spent most of his canter time on hacks really so asking him to turn in canter seemed to confuse him somewhat, he could do it going right but going left he was very prone to dropping back down to the trot to get around the turns.
On the positive side though his transitions were brilliant and he was very well behaved and willing to try everything I asked of him.
We had a lesson on Monday and John got to properly meet him for the first time. I won't lie, he was a big fan! He agreed that bending is something that needs to be a big focus for us right now so we spent a lot of time doing smaller circles asking Ron to genuinely flex his body around my leg. There was some definite improvement by the end of the lesson but obviously it's a work in progress.
The other main focus of the lesson was my hands. The aim being to bring them more forward so Ron can move into them rather than just following wherever he decides to wiggle his little head. That was a bit of a struggle at times because sometimes it felt like moving my hands forward meant I had absolutely no connection to his mouth, but he did manage to find some stretch and reach into my hands on a few occasions.
He was, again, really well behaved and it was nice to get back to lessons with him.

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