Friday, 11 August 2017

Pls stay in your assigned seating

25th July
I decided to give Sunny a schooling session in the ménage as it had been a good while since we'd been in there. We had a nice slow stroll up in hand and then once we were in there I popped on. He didn't feel nervous or spooky which I was surprised at with it having been a while since we'd last been in there. He did however start out a little short and wasn't really using himself properly. I didn't take it too hard since we hadn't schooled for a while, just did lots of transitions in the walk and trot and lots of changes of direction and soon got him stepping through and lengthening his stride out to where I expect it to be.

After that he continued to actually work really, really well for most of the ride. I wasn't asking for a huge amount, mainly just that he show up and use his body properly and bring himself round and through. I didn't only did a minimal inkling of lateral work but mostly just lots of transitions and bending.
And he was amazing. For the vast majority of the ride. Then he decided he was bored/it was too hard/he was hot/he doesn't know how to horse* (delete as applicable) and decided it was time to leave. So he left. Out of the side of the ménage. 
I made him come back in and work again but he'd pretty much killed my buzz with that, ponies eh!

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