Thursday, 3 August 2017

New hacking bud

So. Guys. Bef got a new pony.
Her name is puzzle and she's super, super cute, she's also living with the boys for a little while whilst her permanent home is readied for her.
Puzzle arrived the day after the outing detailed in my last post, so the day after that (the Wednesday) we went for a hack!
We took Ron because he is definitely a better friend to have one your first hack in a new place than Sunny. They were both really good, there was a little bit of spooking but it was all very mild and nothing dramatic happened which is always ideal. We took them up past the top farm and through the woods into one of the back fields, had a little canter in the back field then looped round to come back down through the woods and home again.


Ponies love it when you chat with us!