Sunday, 27 August 2017

Lesson buddies

On August 14th Beth and I had a lesson together on Sunny and Puzzle. I don't think (I could be wrong) that I've ever had a joint lesson with Sunny, we've always just had them on our own I believe.
We had the instructor from the riding school come out to us for a change and it was a really fun lesson, he put a lot of focus on leg yielding with Sunny and at one point we actually achieved honest to goodness crossing over of his legs which was super exciting. A lot of work was also put on flexing Sun to the left because as we know this is not something he enjoys. John commented that it's because he's left dominant (which I will hence forth refer to as left handed lol) so when he's going right he can carry my weight on his left side then when we go left instead of using his right side to carry me he counter flexes so he can keep the weight on his left. Obviously I'd known he had a good rein and a bad rein but I'd never related it in that way and it really made a lot of sense. It ties in with the left being his 'good canter' because he was already working with his shoulder popped out so he naturally dropped onto the correct leg when I asked because it was already more forward.
We then did a quick canter, Sunny has a tendency to rush in canter because he's not the most balanced and I'm fully aware that because of this I use faarrr too much hand, because ahhh runaway horse. I was challenged to hold him a lot less in the canter and actually let him go and balance himself rather than trying to hold him up, I managed it once by holding the saddle but promised to work on it more.
That afternoon it was lovely weather so I gave Ron a good long groom then took him for a little in hand walk around the farm just to get him out since it had been a while. He was a proper little dog and we had a super chill stroll.

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