Friday, 18 August 2017

Work for everyone

30th July

I gave Ron a nice groom and then a little lunge to see where the land lay with him, he wasn’t at all lame being led in but I’m not great at being able to trot him up and see him at the same time lol. Lunging isn’t ideal as it’s a tight circle but at least it would let me see. Anyway, lunged him in walk and he was fine so let him pop into trot and he was a little bit stiff but not what I’d call lame, just stiff. I figured that made sense with the fact that the assumption was a muscular thing so I was happy with that.

Then I decided to school Sunny again, just in the field this time. He warmed up and lengthened his stride a lot more quickly than the last time and did some nice work. I didn’t do anything too difficult, just wanted to have a ride that ended on my say so after his escapades for the last ride. Not a massive about to say about it but he worked pretty nicely.

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