Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A very short outing

July 20th
It was time for another outing!
This time we loaded up Puzzle and Ron and headed out for my first attempt at a fun ride.
We made our way there without getting too lost (only made one wrong turn lol), got the horses unloaded, groomed, tacked up, paid, mounted and set off....and Ron's lame. So we loaded back up and went home, called the vet ladada basically they said probably muscular so just rest him no worries.
But the positive side of this is that both horses were super well behaved! It was Puzzle's first outing with us, Ron's first outing in forever and the first time he was mounted away from home and they were awesome. Both loaded first time, stood well to be groomed and tacked up then perfect while we untacked, put everything back in the truck and loaded them again. Honestly could not fault either of them one bit and have high hopes for Ron's next outing and actually riding him that time!

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