Saturday, 8 July 2017

Super schooling

Ron has spent a good chunk of his time this week in the ménage doing some schooling. Since we've been working on the same things each time and there has been steady progress but no major breakthroughs I don't feel the night to write about each ride individually so this will just be a quick summary of how we've been getting on with it.
The actual journey up to the ménage has improved in that he's gotten faster and less nervous of things on the road that would initially give him pause (and I do mean pause, like stand and stare pause lol) and will happily truck right on up with very little leg required.
He's also notably more confident once he's in there. He no longer needs a period of reflection when he arrives to decide that it's safe, he can just head straight to work no problem.
Mainly we've been working on transitions but also lots of work on maintaining the gait you are cued into. If I have asked you to trot you are trotting until I ask for a different gait, not until you feel you have done enough trotting lol. He's getting much better at that, obviously he still needs encouragement but it's a lot less. Same with the canter, once he's in it he's pretty solid at staying there until I ask him to trot again and accepts leg aids to keep it up really well if he starts flagging.
I have to say each time I school him he feels that tiny bit more rideable than the time before so I think we're trucking along quite nicely really. He's a good pony.

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