Sunday, 30 July 2017

Ride recap only a month late!

Ok so July has not been a good month for blogging, oops! I have ridden (although admittedly...not a huge amount) so I'm basically just going to write my posts and they'll be super late but here you go I'm posting them anyway bc my blog so I can do what I want!

July 7th (Honestly, I told you they were late)
G and I took the ponies up the menage for a little play, G just had a little tootle around on Ron to get him out and moving, Sunny got a refresher in sharing the working area with someone else without having to be next to them at all times. He was actually really good about it and didn't nap to Ron at all and was even able to walk away from him when they were stood together which I was impressed with.
So we schooled around for a little while in walk/trot/canter, nothing spectacular just a nice standard schooling session. Then since there was a little cross pole up and Beth and I had an outing planned soon I decided to let him throw himself over it a few times. He actually jumped it fairly normally (for Sunny) and was just a little sprightly after the jump a couple of times but didn't fully take off and didn't drag me into it sideways which is always a bonus. I was actually quite pleased with him. Then both boys hacked home nicely all chilled.

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