Saturday, 10 June 2017

Up and coming rider

t's always amazing to see a new rider just getting into the sport and being able to see straight off the bat that they have a level of natural talent and ability that we rarely see in such a raw form. I was able to experience this feeling this week...
Ha! Seriously tho, how cute is Beth's puppy?! He came up with her on Wednesday afternoon and we managed to work both boys. First I hacked Sunny while Beth and Yugi (the puppy) came along with us. When we got up to the top farm L was tacking up her pony so we waited and had a chat with her mum then she joined us on our little hack. We hacked around one of the fields and then back home. One we got back to mine L and Ted waited while I put Sunny back out and Beth got Ron tacked up, then Ron and L hacked back up to L's house and through the field, going for a couple of fun little canters in the field. Beth then had a little scoot around in the menage because L's mum was walking the dogs and the calf on the lane and the calf kept running at Ron. Once the calf was back in line we tootled back on home.

I'm just so attractive...

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