Thursday, 22 June 2017

Ronald fitness plan

So guys, I don't know if you're aware, but Ron is fat.
Le gasp!
I know, I see you recoiling in horror, but it's true, pony is not just a little bit fat he's ever so very roundly fat. He's fat.
But I have a plan ok?! We're currently in the process of connecting the electric fencing in the field up to mains rather than battery so I'll have stronger fencing to keep him in meaning I will be more able to restrict his grazing, he's wearing a grazing muzzle (insert sad pony face here) and we're upping the ante with his work.
He's recently had quite a drastic change in the state of his feet (TLDR: They looked shitty, I've changed farrier and started supplements accordingly and they're on the road to looking like nice strong feet again) which means I'm feeling more comfortable with asking him to walk over footing that would have been very on the ouchy side before so can explore a little more on our hacks! We've had a heat wave here recently meaning it's been super hot right into the evenings to the point that it wasn't fair to expect him to work (I know most of my readers are American's and it gets much hotter there but for us Brits it was super hot and he's just not accustomed to that) but although I'm working more hours than usual over the next couple of weeks there is no reason (weather permitting) that I shouldn't be able to work him at least 4 times a week and I'm going to make it count! Lots more trotting and hill work, we're going to work off that poundage!

Last week Beth came up and we had a schooling session on the ponies together which, I'm not going to lie, was less about serious dressage schooling and more about just fitness work and having fun, because it's been actual years since we've schooled together. We did put most of the focus on transitions and most of the ride was in trot with a fair bit of canter work so although no big schooling breakthroughs happened it was good cardio work for the boys!

The day after (I don't remember specifics this is all I can give you) Ron had a hack which again involved a couple of good canters, he was super good and is starting to pick up the pace slightly (and I do mean ever so slightly) whilst out and about.
This picture isn't from that hack and I can't remember if I've used it already but meh, media!

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