Saturday, 3 June 2017

More firsts for Ronald

Always fun when you sit down to write a blog and realise it's been almost a week since you rode your horse. Oopsie! In all fairness, I've been busy this week and when I have time to ride I'm generally giving more time to Ron since he's v overweight and needs more training. Sunny is pretty chill if I get on after 2 days or 2 weeks so he's enjoying life with the occasional ride.
Friday afternoon I decided to take Mr Ron out for another hack. At the minute I think he needs the kind of fitness that I'm more easily able to do on a hack than schooling so he is mostly hacking. Beth has schooled him recently though so he's not just a hacking pony, however he is a very good hacking pony.
His version of spooking is basically to stand still while he takes stock of the situation, which is very much a manageable spook. I just let him stand a minute, ask him to move on then reward any steps forward, rinse and repeat as many times as required. We were out for about an hour and had a very enjoyable time. We had a couple of canters in the big field behind the woods, including one where he side stepped to avoid a little pothole and I decided not to go with him and slipped off the side. He was super good and just stood looking at me as if questioning why I would stop in the middle of fun canteringness. Falling off on a hack has always been one of my biggest fears so the fact that I not only survived it but also laughed as it happened feels very good! I got back on after and had another canter to prove to him that I won't always ditch him mid canter and then we tootled on slowly home.

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