Sunday, 11 June 2017

Double lesson day

I did a potentially awkward thing when I not only booked a lesson at the riding school and a lesson with Sam not only on the same day, but with only 45 minutes between the end of one and the start of the next. Alas, that was how the scheduling worked so the only option was to make it work. So make it work I did!
I started out at the riding school and this time I was assigned Samuel (not Sam ok? His name is Samuel, got it? Also, anyone with a super good memory may recall my Pa riding Samuel in our fathers day lesson last year!) who I was informed was trained up to medium dressage before he came to the riding school which was super exciting but also lol don't expect me to do that bc can't. Instructor started the lesson by reminding us of the dressage scales of training, pointing out that to successfully move up the levels you need to have solidified the one below. Then we were sent off to warm up our mounts (Beth was on Jack who was suuupper pretty) and assess where their current way of going. After that, basically the idea was to ride in a way that got us further up the scale to where the horses were capable of being. It was a super lesson, one of the main focusses for me was KEEP YOUR SHOULDERS BACK AND SIT UP. Isn't it always? One day maybe I'll give it a shot. Probs not tho.

Then we scootled on home and Beth helped me get Sunny all groomed and tacked up just in time for Sam's arrival. The focus of Sunny's lesson was our old nemesis; left bend. We can now achieve incredible suppleness in walk, walk is really not an issue at all he will bend both ways as soon as you ask him super softly. Trot on the other hand. We still prefer to bend right. Even if we're going left, not a problem, we are perfectly capable of dropping the inside shoulder and looking out don't worry! We did make some headway in the end but it's definitely something we need to keep working on, I'll be the first to admit his schooling has taken a hit in recent months. I've not ridden him as much as I would have been last spring and when I have I've generally had the opportunity to hack which obviously I am unlikely to pass up because I love hacking, but I will do my best to crack back on with it, I'd forgotten just how much fun he is when he's being super fancy and pretty.


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