Saturday, 27 May 2017

Much Hacking

Early last week Ronald and I went on a solo hack and I realise I did not post about that so I am going to talk about it and another hack in this post because it was brill. We went out for about half an hour and met the manatoo 3 times, 1 tractor, 3 cars (one of which was someone I know who stopped for a chat so he practiced standing and waiting) a herd of very curious cows and a pheasant that flew at us. He had very little reaction to any of it, a slight jump to the side at the pheasant before carrying on walking and side eyes for the cows but other than that he was 100% chill with everything.

Then Wednesday this week Beth and I took both of the boys for a hack on which Ron promptly took the lead and soldiered on, showing Sunny how to be a good hacking pony boy! He showed a small moment of apprehension at a couple of things but was easily soothed and moved on. We went through the top farm into one of the bigger fields and decided, while we had a lead pony (Sunny had realised we were heading towards home so was happy to go in front) and a nice space without corners, that we would try out his first canter. I popped Sunny up into a canter and Ron, after doing a massive extended trot for a few strides, popped into a beautiful balanced canter that was super cute! He'll be getting some more work tomorrow, he's moved into a smaller paddock to start his diet so plenty of exercise should help get him in proper working shape!

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