Thursday, 4 May 2017

Moar birthdays!

Yesterday my little Sunnydude turned 9. 9! Seriously guys, how is he 9?!
He celebrated his birthday by....having a day off and watching me pick up poop lol. I'm sort of in the middle of some field management tasks at the minute so he had a nice chilled birthday of just being cute and getting cuddles from small children so he had a great day!
I did ride him on Monday and he was super good. We kept it super simple because it's been a good while since he was properly schooled. We worked on some transitions between gaits and within the gait, focussed on his bend and popped a little bit of leg yielding in there too. Nothing too dramatic or ground breaking but super fun!

After I rode I brought him out of the top gate of the field and rode him down the lane back
to the yard to try and practice hacking alone


Ponies love it when you chat with us!