Friday, 19 May 2017

Introduction to grown up ponydom

We're going to ignore the fact that I haven't posted for almost 2 weeks k? K. Lets move on!
It was lesson day today! Even up until last night I hadn't decided who I was going to ride, but the lesson was at half 8 today so when I woke up at 10 past it promptly became Ron's turn! (Sunny takes a long time to get ready ;) )
That's the story of how Ronpony was prepared for his first lesson under saddle!
He. Was. So. Good! Sam was so impressed with him and kept saying what a cool pony he is. We did lots and lots of trot work that got little man puffing! The other main focus of the lesson was transitions, making sure I rode them properly with my seat rather than my hands and he responded super well (so well in fact that I was almost halted out of the saddle at one point lol!). I honestly can't get over how much fun this pony is, he's awesome!

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