Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Adventures of Ronald

On Sunday I took Beth and Sparkie to a show (which they bossed and came second woo go guys!) and then since Sparkie had only done the one class and was still feeling plenty energetic, we detoured on the way home and he came by to visit his old friends! We had been planning to take Ron for a little hack and decided it would probably be nice for him to have a sensible (Read: Not Sunny) friend for his first hack, enter Sparkie!
So off we went, Beth on Ron and me on Sparkie bc height lol. Ron was soooo so good! He was happy to go in front or behind, happy to stand and wait when required, happy to have a trot through a big open field and even happy when we almost got attacked by geese (me and Beth were decidedly not happy at that point). I can't fault him. For a horse that's been ridden 4 times for a max of 20 minutes a time to go out for an hours hack without a care in the world I honestly could not have asked for more, good pony!

He was pretty sweaty when we got back so I gave him a quick hose off. He most definitely did not enjoy that but he tolerated it which is all I ask!

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