Sunday, 7 May 2017

A week with no internet

My internet has been out this week so I have like 5 rides under my belt and I'm going to attempt to do a quick run down of the past week or so.

Saturday: Minnie had come for a sleepover on Friday so after a morning run (Hahahah yeah apparently that's a thing I do now) O and I went out for a nice little wander, Sunny's first ride in about 2 weeks and he was pretty chill and we had a lovely time.

Monday: Sunny schooled, which I actually managed to get a blog up about when I posted about his birthday.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were day's off for ponies.

Friday: I rode Ron for 20 minutes, mostly in trot. The lesson of the day was learning that after we have trotted we can walk again and don't have to take a break. He was really good, had one little spook when Dory decided to roll pretty much right behind him but he styled it out and carried on like  a good pony. Also he got a new saddle pad and this picture is a super bad angle but yes he is fat but look how cute it is!

Then I rod Sunny, he was pretty eager about the poles on the ground which he decided were jumps even though they weren't jumps but hey they look like jumps lets jump them! No. Consequently every time I asked him to canter he started veering towards them which then meant we had to do a lot of canter to learn that this is not ok! In the end he was a very good boy but did end up super sweaty and in serious need of a hose down!
THEN! (Friday was busy man) Beth and I went for another lesson at the riding school and I rode Blackjack. WHO IS EFFING HUGE. Guys. This horse is like idk, 17hh? 17.2hh? The point is, I ride ponies and this hoss was LARGE.
Coot tho
Guys he was awesome! I mean, I have low expectations, he cantered when I asked him to so I was like yes did is gud hoss. BUT THEN! Instructor got me doing some leg yields with him and then I learned how to do a shoulder in and the very basics of a travers and it was literally so much fun. I mean at one point he made me drop my stirrups and then a pheasant flew at us and Blackjack spooked and we went FARRR across the arena but I sat it with no stirrups so wooo go me! He was so much fun and I want to ride him again please!
THEENNNNNN (told you Friday was busy) I went with Beth to go see Sparkie and we had a little bareback play!
Pro tip: If you retract your femurs into your sternum and ride like shit you don't look too big for the pony!
Saturday: After another run (I told you! I do that now) I mooched around with Beth for a while the Rode Sunny in the evening. We had a really chill ride but I did teach him a shoulder in! And guys, I'm not saying it was perfect or beautiful but he honest to god actually did it and I taught him that myself! I was so proud. Then he carted 4 children around for pony rides like the good little Barbie pony that he is!

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