Friday, 21 April 2017

And he's off!

Ron has taken the next level of his breaking in training and completely smashed it! Yesterday Beth came up so we could move onto lunging the ponykins under saddle. We started off with a regular lunge warm up then a little go around in side reins which obvi he took in his stride bc duh he's a pro at that now! Then we popped Beth on up and led him around for a bit. We ended up not lunging him per se as he preferred the idea of me being slightly ahead of him to start with so we took him around on a large circle introducing a leg aid to go with the vocal command he already knows and I gradually got further and further away from him until I was on the other end of the lunge line. He took surprisingly well to the leg commands and was able to respond appropriately to Beth's requests for walk and halt while I basically just worked as steering.
After a while I took the cavesson off and I won't lie I kind of expected him to just revert back to standing there and having no idea what to do but when Beth asked him for a walk he actually moved forward voluntarily and had a little stroll around off the lead.

Obviously not going to gung ho say the horse is broken in but I'm definitely feeling a lot more positive about the possibility of summer time hacks than I was 6 months ago, way to go Ronald!


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