Friday, 10 March 2017

The best he's ever gone

According to Sam, that was Sunny yesterday. There were lots of exclamations of 'Yeeeessss!' and 'Oh my god look at him!' and 'He's got it!' so I feel like she was being pretty genuine lol.
The main focus of the lesson was his left bend. It's something that's been a niggling problem for a long time but there have been other, more pressing things to address (like you know...basic control and steering lol) before we could really knuckle down and sort it. It's a testament to the improvements we've made lately that we were able to really focus on it this lesson without his mind wandering or him getting bored/frustrated and quitting on us. Obviously it's not something that's going to be completely cracked in one lesson because a lot of it is muscle memory, but I really figured out how to correctly use my aids to encourage him to bend that way when his natural way of going is with his head to the right...regardless of direction of travel. Trot is the hardest for us to get at the minute which is slightly odd as it's his best gait but I guess it kind of makes sense because it's my worst gait lol.
Lots of practice needed and hopefully next lesson she'll be impressed by how bendy and flexible we are. Pony yoga anyone?!

In Ron news, I lunged him again Wednesday and today. We tried the side reins for the fist time on Wednesday and he seemed to take them as a cut to TROT REALLY FAST EVERYWHERE, tried them again today and he was much more relaxed and lunged like normal with them on :)


  1. Ahh what a great feeling!

    1. It was such a great lesson, even if I felt like my legs were falling off the morning after!


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