Saturday, 4 March 2017

Lotsa lunging

I had a free day on Sunday so I decided I would give both boys a lunge.
Ron went first and he was super good. We even had a little canter at one point. I didn't ask for it but it was a nice transition into a calm canter on the right leg so I just let him have at it and praised him (while making sure to say canter every few strides in the hope that he'd figure out that was what he was doing....? I dunno, it seemed like a good option lol). He was much more inclined to listen when I asked for walk this time and even almost did a stand when asked. Almost!
Then it was Sunny's turn. He had to do proper work with the pessoa on because he's a grown up and knows how to lunge! He did try to tell me at first that he didn't remember but once I reminded him (I'm not kidding, I literally said 'You're almost 9 years old you know how to lunge') it all came back to him and he lunged very nicely.
'I am not impressed with your wishing me to work in the rain'

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