Saturday, 25 March 2017

It's getting a bit Ron-centric around here isn't it?

I promise Sunny is alive and well, he's doing great in fact he went on a hack yesterday and it was lovely and beautiful and he even managed to do some bending homework while we were out.

Ronald on the other hand is making great leaping bounds in his progress that are just much more blog worthy at the moment.
Like this

And this

And this


This was much more successful than last years attempt at sitting on him, he didn't seem at all worried, had no negative reaction at all and was completely accepting of everything that happened. There was no hesitation when he was asked to move forward under saddle and he was just completely relaxed about the whole thing. Clearly giving him more time was the right choice for him. We'll keep going with mounting and short walks for a little while then we can move onto lunging him under saddle before adding in stirrups and reins and go from there. I'm also going to have him checked over by the physio and saddler within the next month (along with Sunny) and we'll be all set for a busy summer!


  1. Yay Ron - so exciting that he's developing so well so quickly!!

    1. He's doing so, so well! I'm obviously not documenting every time I work him on here because lets be honest, posting three or four times a week 'I lunged Ron today and he was great' would get a bit boring lol, but major changes will definitely be updated!


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