Sunday, 5 March 2017

Hacking with a side order of can we not

Yesterday was a fairly bright day so I rustled myself up some hacking buddies in the form of O and Freddie. I had everything out ready when she arrived at the farm so we got the ponies all tacked up and headed out. About 5 minutes into the hack we were walking past the windmill when Freddie spooked at the shadows going over him and O came off the side...along with her bridle! She told me after that he's always super nervous of the windmill shadows and I was like DUDE! You were leading the way why did you not just go around?! But alas. We sis not.
Waiting patiently for Freddie to get his bridle back on
Anyway, once he was re-bridled and O was mounted back up we headed off and actually had a really nice hack. The weather stayed quite pleasant and both boys were really well behaved.

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