Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to Valentines

By having a super awesome and very tiring lesson of course!

Sam came out to us on Tuesday and we had our first lesson of the year to kick of our twice monthly lesson plan (I allowed January to be exempt from this because money and also I was super busy in January and wasn't able to arrange one). I specifically wanted this lesson to be in the ménage at the top of the lane because, as I've mentioned before, Sunny gets a little up and tense in there so I wanted Sam's input on that to help us settle a little more. She agreed that he definitely started out more alert than she usually sees him but just encouraged me to put him straight to work and get him thinking right off the bat so he doesn't have time to get worried about or focussed on anything but me. She reiterated that for now he's the kind of horse who needs me to ride every stride because his thoughts are not always the most sensible (She insisted that they're not bad, just sometimes not the most clever lol). Once I was on my game and making sure he was properly working he was a gem which meant that then he was allowed lots of little breaks where I didn't work him so hard but he still had to be completely focussed on me and ready to go again straight away.

Most of the lesson we worked on rhythm and tempo in trot as well as transitions and control at the canter. At the end we added on some leg yielding. I haven't really done any with him since our lesson in December because of him being so antsy in the ménage and I was completely honest with Sam about that then immediately regretted it when he fecking nailed it right off the bat. I should have said we've been slaving away at it! He was awesome, super supple and immediately moving off my leg without any need for back up guidance from a whip. He could do with being more responsive to requests for change of tempo through them but other than that I really can't complain. I think with some practice we should definitely be able to perfect them fairly soon.

I'm so glad to be back into lessons because I always feel super productive and ready to go out and win at life after a lesson. I'm working nights at the minute so my next day for riding will be Saturday so we'll see if we can replicate this ride without adult supervision!


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