Sunday, 29 January 2017

In winter we hack

Seriously, I know I have access to the menage now and can ride in that when I want to and I will, I will definitely use that. But being realistic, the weather kind of sucks lately so when it's been decent enough for a ride I've been tending to rope someone into hacking with me. Because hacks yayy!
This week that person was Hatti. Yes, ok, Hatti doesn't have a horse so I suppose technically for her it's not hacking but hey, she's not complaining, she took the dogpony for a walk.
Sunny decided he was going to cause me some serious distress before we even started the ride, I brought him in, went to take his rug off and realised I couldn't because the butt strap was basically tied into his tail. Like WTF Sunny?! Why do you do this to me! It took me 20 minutes to untangle it enough to get his rug off then another 20 minutes to actually untangle and brush it out into a nice smooth tail (plus almost a whole bottle of detangler. Like why Sunny?!)
Anyway, after I'd made him look like a respectable member of society again we headed out on our hack. We had a lovely time and both boys were really good, the only little hiccough being when we were heading home from the top farm Sunny tried to refuse to go home (wtf horse you don't like hacking you like to go home srsly). But we got over it and chilled on the way home, it was all good and a very enjoyable hack.


  1. Ha I understand completely - we've been getting out for hacks whenever the weather cooperates too!! (And sometimes even when it doesn't lol)

    1. Hacking is the best way to not get drowned in mud!


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