Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 Goals!

Happy new year everybody! Lets do this!

Solidify leg yields in walk - We started working on these at the end of last year and I would like them to be pretty much set and par for the course for us by the end of this year.
Introduce leg yields in trot - Once we've nailed them in walk why not have a go at the trot?
Solidify the halt - I want a solid halt, preferably without dropping his back and popping out of my contact.

Learn to lunge - I'm intending on getting my instructor to give me some lessons with him since he's not getting it my way.
Be broken in - Maybe by me, maybe by a professional, I don't mind, but I'd like him backed by the time this year is through.
Hack under saddle - I want to ride the pony on hacks!

Increase exercise - Last years goal was 30 minutes once a week, lets double that, 30 minutes twice a week.
Lesson twice monthly - I managed generally a lesson a month towards the end of last year but I want to get better at organising them this year. This is on the me section because I don't mind which horse it is (or even if it's not one of mine) (January can be exempt from this bcuz money).
Blog twice weekly - I'm keeping this goal because I like keeping my blog active.


Ponies love it when you chat with us!