Friday, 23 December 2016

Opening up riding opportunities

The other day I spoke to the yard owners sister in law about being able to use her ménage on a regular basis and was told that I could have free reign to ride in there if I let her know when I was planning to so she could organise us around each other. I've ridden in there a couple of times before but only ever with V or O because I hadn't spoken to anyone about using it so wasn't going to just wander up and help myself (even though yard owner assured me that wouldn't be a problem). Now I have permission it should mean I'm able to get more riding done over the winter, woo!
We went up for a ride on Tuesday, V came with us to provide media because she's a gem. Sunny was pretty antsy, like I said he's only been in there a couple of times, he's getting better every time. He was fine in walk and trot, just started rushing around everywhere once I let him canter. We had a couple of nice canters on each rein then came back to chilling back out in trot. He was much better than I expected, I can only hope the more we ride up there the more chill he'll get about it :) He was happy enough for V to ride him home after so that's a positive thing!

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