Friday, 25 November 2016

Back in the saddle

I rode Wednesday but technically that wasn't so much back in the saddle since I decided to have a little play bareback. The ground wasn't brill because it's rained a lot recently so we just had a little walk and trot around the fat paddock, mainly focussing on straight lines and halting.

My horse refuses to grow a winter coat. Srs.

Today, the girls were off school for a teacher training day so we went for a nice long hack this morning. We went out into the village and O took Freddie on the roads for the first time. Sunny was amazing, he was actually leading when we got out onto the roads, I genuinely think that since he didn't know where home was (we took a rout that tricked him into not knowing where he was) he had no reason to nap so just kept moving forward happily. At one point a bus went past in one direction at the exact time that a lorry passed in the other direction and he literally had no reaction. Horse winning! We had such a good time, I definitely want to do it again soon, a lady we met walking her dog pointed out a bridle path through to the next village but we didn't have time today as I'm on a night shift tonight so hopefully next time we can follow up there.

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