Sunday, 23 October 2016

Weekend wrap up

We've had 3 really good rides this week but since I don't have a lot to say about them I figured I'd just do a wrap up post about them all.
Monday I rode him in the fat paddock on his own for the first time. Mainly to see if last time was just a fluke and he was only ok because he was with friends. The other horses decided to make it a fair test by standing by the fence whinnying at him (thanks guys). He was really good though, never even looked at them and didn't nap at the gate once (he just kept giving it dirty looks like 'No gate, leave me alone I can't come to you). We worked on our homework of straight lines which was easier in the fat paddock than it would be in the main field bcuz, you know, fences in straight lines. He was really good, we only had a quick ride, nailed his transitions and basically just was a very good boy.

Wednesday we decided to try the straight line stuff out in the main field with no fence to guide us. It was...a little bit hairy to start with I won't lie, our square started off more of a curvy diamond but we got there after a few tries and he did really well. He even went so far as to offer some left bend without me asking which was nice. We then worked on canter transitions and little monster managed to smash out 6 correct right lead canters with no misfires, BOOM!

Today I decided I had a death wish. No I joke. But I did decide to investigate just how solidified these canter transitions were. You know, curiosity killed the cat and all that. So, my plan was to warm up, then work on simple changes through a figure of eight. It was super windy today which meant he was pretty spooky and came out straight away all cannons firing FORWARD. It was actually nice because usually so much of my warm up is spent establishing forward before I can ask for anything else but today it was just there. I have to say, I was not expecting the exercise to go as well as it did but we didn't have a single incorrect lead and he was into canter as soon as I asked pretty much every time (we had maybe 1 or 2 with a couple of strides where he ran into it but most he just hopped straight in) and there was no difference in the reaction no matter which lead I asked him to canter on.

This afternoon was spent building a fence, because I'm a strong independent woman (lol no I kid my dad was the main fence builder I was just the assistant).


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