Sunday, 9 October 2016

Testing out the fat paddock

Now, we all have to accept it, winter is coming, which for most of us without dedicated riding area poses some challenges. One thing that can possibly assist with this challenge is that we have a small paddock that is generally not in use throughout the winter, shouldn't really get too churned up and should be good for riding throughout the winter. Downside, last time I rode him in there (like...last February I think) he spent the whole time napping to the gate, so we needed to test it out to see if he'd be willing to be ridden in there (because as we all know, Sunny has opinions and is not afraid of letting people know about them).
So today we had a little practice, some of my friends from work had come to visit for the day (complete with a lovely picnic) and I'll be honest, I'm not sure if he was actually showing that he'll be good or if he was just showing off for our guests but he was such a good boy, popped out some lovely chilled out canters and was just super overall. He even got tied up in a different spot to be tacked up (I know, complete nbd but this is Sunny we're talking about, he can make anything a big deal) and he basically fell asleep so I was super happy. I'll try a couple more rides in it without an audience but hopefully we'll be able to use the fat paddock as our riding ring when the weather gets nasty.

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