Monday, 10 October 2016

Maybe possibly think we've pretty much nailed that

You may or may not remember (because although this year seems to be flying by at the speed of light my goal post was a while ago) one of my goals for Sunny for this year was to be able to hack Sunny with other horses. My main reason for this is that, as we're aware, I do not have a dedicated riding area, therefore sometimes hacking will be the only way I will be able to ride. Well over the past month or so, since the arrival of the amazing calmer into our lives, I have been giving this a go with one other horse at a time. There was even one time I attempted it alone with just a walker which was a bit of a disaster. However, every time we've been out with a friend since I tried the calmer he's been fab. So tonight I decided we'd give it a go with 2 friends, plus both O and V who can be very excitable while they're together. If anything was going to tip him over the edge...this was it.
He was amazing. He happily trooped along in the middle (he seemed to feel confident with Dory in front of him leading the way and Freddie behind so no monsters could get him) and we had a jolly old time. He led Freddie past a tractor and we were even able to have a little group canter up a hill in one of the fields. I couldn't fault him for a second. I'm hoping this means that we've pretty much cracked this goal and will be able to have many enjoyable hacks through the winter when the ground in the field is too wet to ride in. 

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