Saturday, 8 October 2016

2pointober is underway

Well and truly, and so far I've managed a grand total of....2 rides. Ok so we're not off to a roaring good start but the up side is the second ride I improved my time by 30 seconds, so that's cool yeah? However, tonight I had a really, really nice ride. I haven't done a proper schooling dressage ride since monsoon dickface 2016 (AKA, when I tried to take my horse to a show) so tonight I sucked it up and told V to come shout at me while I rode to make sure I actually schooled him properly. It was really nice, we had some lovely canter work, and just a really nice responsive horse. We even had the easiest, longest right canter I think we've ever had (which was during my 2 pointing because I effing nailed it with up and down transitions in both directions, boom).
While we were grooming V mentioned how flat his back was and how she imagined he must be super comfy bareback, so when it came to cooling down I took his saddle off, threw her up and she trot and walked him around to cool him down. He was super for her and they looked super cute!


  1. Comfy bareback horses are the best! :)

  2. Yay and thanks for participating in 2ptober this year!!!!


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