Friday, 2 September 2016

Once upon a time he cantered to the right...

And we all lived happily ever after! Had another lesson on Tuesday and it was pretty epic.
Freddie wanted in on the action
While I was warming up I explained to Sam that we'd been managing to get both canter leads consistently so she was pretty eager to see that since he was pretty dramatic about the right canter transition last time she saw us. I also mentioned that we'd booked in for a show so she said we'd spend most of the lesson working on the aspects we'd need there (Straightness, flexion, walk/trot transitions). We didn't actually run through my test because I can do that on my own and it's the same test I did in December (intro B) so I already know it. 
So I warmed him up on a fairly loose rein as usual, walk and trot, then moved into asking for him to work properly. We have the flexion and inside bend to the right now, absolutely no problem, he's still resistant when it comes to the left side, it seems like it's mostly habit at this point and he's not realised how much easier it would be if he know...looking where he was going. But we'll get there! 

After we'd done a fair amount of walk and trot we moved onto canter. Sam reminded me to ride him firmly so he knows he's not going into canter just to run around for ages. He did 2 perfect transitions to the right, came lovely and round and then I brought him back down to trot with big pats. One go on the left because lets be honest, we can do that, and canter work was done. Big pats and a loose rein break for pony.
Then we spend the majority of the rest of the ride working on left flexion, We got it in work (with much burning of my poor hips) and then the aim was to not loose it in trot. It was very clear that as soon as I asked for the trot he tipped his head to the outside and gave up. So it was about making sure his head at least stayed forward, just straight, not actively flexing to the inside. I did after a while manage to get him moving straight through the transition and we had some super work.
My horse is hot
 Some work on keeping him round and consistent through transitions and we called it a day. Pony got many pats, cuddles and treats...and then a bath because I'm an evil horrible mother!


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