Saturday, 27 August 2016

Win some lose some

Yesterday I asked Sunny to canter to the right 4 times and he cantered on the right lead 4 times! Then after our ride I hosed him off and was able to put the hose on his butt (the area he is most sensitive about for some reason) without getting wet of loosing my horse. I'm going to allow both of those facts to make up for the fact that he spent the entire ride just running away from flies and not focusing on me. At all. Meh. You win some you lose some!
Can't remember the last time he wore this saddle pad and I don't this he's ever worn the fly veil before

The fact that I am actively hosing my horse every time the weather is appropriate after a ride means wet pony shot is becomming a tradition
Backtracking a little, but Ron had the farrier Thursday morning and was totally not ready for the day when I went to get him. 

Today I brought the trailer down for some practice. Sunny loads, I know I'll be able to get him in the trailer if I want to go somewhere but there's generally a question of how long he decides it's going to take and it takes two people (one to lead him on, one to close the trailer) and I'd like to be able to load him on my own. 
Anyway, I spent about half an hour with him and in that time had him loaded about 25 times, he started off a little rushy but was calmly getting on, standing still and then walking off by the end. I was pretty impressed, just need to keep it up now and make sure we practice regularly until it's no big deal. 
Ron on the other hand, I spent about 10 minutes with him, he was on within the first minute, jumped off  the exit ramp then realised he'd over-reacted and was basically self loading and chilling on the trailer until I asked him to get off by the time we were done. Win for the baby pony. 

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