Saturday, 13 August 2016

Very productive day

I'm super proud of myself today, last night I was telling myself that today was going to be a really productive day then this morning I was like 'Meh, but is it?' but it was! It really was!
I started out with Sunny, we had a lovely schooling session. We started out with our work on flexing and bending and he was super at it on both reins. Then we did some canter sets (because neither of us is in great fitness right now so we're working on that) and then, THEN, I did a little work on walk to canter. Our last 2 attempts we honest to god had it with maybe some faster walk before the transition but not a single trot stride so I was super proud of him!
Outfit on point

Then I moved onto Dory. V is on holiday so I borrowed her and we went on a hack with O and Freddie. She was super fun and we had a couple of awesome gallops. She was very much on her toes and wanted to go basically the whole time but I still had complete control and she never did anything naughty so I didn't mind. It was nice to have some enthusiasm for a hack lol!
Last but not least it was Ronaldo's turn. He had a good groom and then a little lunging session. He started off super, doing his nice little trot on the left rein lol, then realised O was watching so had a little show off with some bucking, he did some nice trot again after then had some snuggles before he went back out to Sunny.


  1. glad the ponies are all well! i love that pic of ron kicking his heels up lol

  2. He makes me laugh so much!


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