Thursday, 25 August 2016

Summer day happenings

The week started out a touch slow because Monday was muggy and horrible and there were flies everywhere so I didn't ride. I did pop out with Beth in the morning while she hacked Jack though and he was super good. Then we popped to the county show ground because it's show jumping festival time again so there was spectating and shopping to be done! I didn't go too crazy, just picked myself a new poo picker up and Beth got some treats and a schooling whip.
Tuesday I was pretty productive, the weather was less crappy so the ponies and myself were much more enthusiastic for life. I started out getting my yard work out of the way, then the vets came to give Dory her vaccinations (V and O are both on holiday so I am pony sitting) and then it was time for playing ponies!
I brought Sunny in, gave him a nice groom and spent some time with the clippers getting him used to the noise again. The noise of the clippers he had absolutely no problem but the noise of the cable moving on the floor was incredibly offensive to him. Sigh Sunny.
Then we got all tacked up for a ride. He schooled really well, couldn't really fault him at all, we had nice transitions, some nice halt, just a lovely ride. Then I decided to pop up a tiny little jump (about 50cm) and we hopped over that a few times and he was super chill and relaxed about it which was lovely.
After I got off I gave him a quick hose down which he's getting much better about and turned him out to play.
Obligatory wet pony shot
Then it was Ron's turn to play. He also got shown the clippers and was surprisingly cool about the whole thing, I was even able to hold them against his shoulder while they were running and he was fine about it so he got big pats and carrots for that. Then we went for a walk up the lane, I was pretty impressed that I was able to have a phone conversation while I took him on a walk with no problems. When we got back I gave him a quick blast with the hose (covered about a 50cm square on one side but hey, progress!) and turned him back out to play too!

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