Saturday, 4 June 2016

He hates the halt

Sunny that is. Hates it. Unless of course he's decided to stop, then it's all good we can stop, we can chill, we can stand here all day. I want to stop? OMG NO WHY WOULD YOU MAKE ME STAND STILL THIS IS STUPID YOU HATE ME.
Hence why one of our goals for this year is to do some serious work on halting. The aim by the end of the year is him moving forward into the halt, ideally staying on the contact and stopping square but we'll see how achievable those are!
Yesterday morning I rode him for about half an hour and I kid you not when I say that 15 minutes of that (broken up, some at the start and some at the end) was practice on the transition to halt, and there was definite improvement noted. Mainly that he did actually stop instead of just stepping randomly and pretending he'd stopped. Lots more work needs to be done but it was nice to see something happening with practice.
Then little Ronald came in for a groom and some fly spray and got all shiny shined up. Look how cute he is!


  1. Ronald is cute, and a little chubby ;) perhaps it's time for the baby to start school again?

  2. Ha my horse hates the halt too!


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