Sunday, 19 June 2016

Father's day fun!

Today is father's day, so to celebrate I decided to get my dad a riding lesson! He's not ridden since he sold Bella which was over 3 years ago so I decided it was time to get him back in the saddle. I booked in in march and managed to keep it a secret which I was really impressed with, the first time he figured out what we were doing was when we pulled up at the stables and he heard a horse walk by (We'd blindfolded him) so I think I did well. My friend Hatti came along with us to take photos and basically spent most of the day with us so that was nice. 
Me on Nutty, Pa on Samuel

When we got back we took Sunny and Ron out, Sunny got ridden and Ron was walked and we went for a nice little half hour hack. Hatti walked with me while dad followed behind with Ron and both boys were really, really good. I actually enjoyed a hack more than I have in a very long time which was super nice. Hatti has agreed to come walk out with us on more hacks because she really enjoyed herself too so that's a bonus. Hacking: It's a thing that will happen!
Forgot to untuck his forelock because I'm a heathen. But can we talk about my skull cap cover...


  1. Aw that is so fun! Also yes that skull cap cover is amazing lol

    1. He loved it so much there is talk of him going for a lesson once a month woo!


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