Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Doing ALL the things

Yesterday V and I decided to ride when she got home from school, we had just over an hour before I needed to make tea for the kids and start getting them bathed for bed so it was a quick one. The top farm has a small menage which was put in about 6-9 months ago but Sunny has never been in it before as it belongs to that farm not my farm so I didn't know if I was able to use it, but as it's owned by V's auntie V assured me that we could go ride in there. So we hacked up and Sunny was super good, walked and trotted beside Dory the whole way up no problem. He was a little spooky when we first got into the menage so I let him wander around and have a good old looksee before we started really working. He worked really nicely on the flat and we got a lovely canter ON BOTH REINS! There was a jump set up in the menage (just a small one, about 2'-2'3" maybe) so I thought hey, we've done good hacking, we've done good schooling, fuck it lets do all the things and whack a jump in there! So we had a little pop over that 3 or 4 times and V and Dory had a play then we hacked back home. Sunny led all the way home (this is no surprise, it's home, he does that, he likes to go home) and was treated to some nummy stud muffins for being such a good pony!
And on the theme of doing things, I may have booked Sunny and I into a dressage clinic next Friday, I'm hoping to get V to come along with my camera and to help out with getting him all ready when we get there so hopefully there will be some photographic evidence of this.

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