Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bit woes

Pre-warning, the only media this post contains is pictures of the back of Sunny's head with different coloured fly veils.
Remember I said in my last post that Sunny was sassy when I was warming him up and took a while to get working properly. By sassy I mean he was very fussy with his bit and a bit head shakey. Well, on Monday we went for a hack with the girls and their ponies and despite the fact that we were able to have a canter in a group and he was amazing about it, he was super head shakey the whole way around. I felt like he was trying to avoid his bit at all costs even when I wasn't asking for contact.

That ear tho
I had a look at the bit but couldn't see anything on it that would cause him any distress, no sharp bits or anything. So I decided to have our next ride in his waterford to see how he'd be in that.
Tuesday I had a go at some flatwork in the waterford and he was brilliant. Came straight round onto the contact as soon as I mounted and worked nicely in it the whole time other than a couple of drops in the canter which I fully expect because he's still building muscle. He was so good I added some poles in and he was much calmer and more relaxed through them all.
I'm not sure what's bothering him about his snaffle but clearly he's developed an issue with it. One of the ponies rides in a french link so I'm going to see if I can borrow that at some point and see how he is.


  1. I've yet to find a bit that makes my mule happy. I did have an interesting conversation with the dentist this week about bits and which bits would work for each horse. His advice was really helpful.

  2. oy, good luck with your searches! i've tried to just stick with what i know works... except now we might be experimenting a little bit too.. boo!


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