Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Moving day!

But not for the ponies! A while ago I mentioned something exciting that was going to be happening which was taking up a lot of my time. Well, on Monday I moved house, TO THE FARM! There was a house going empty up there so we are now renting it, which means I live in the same place as my ponies!
Obviously this is very exciting, I can see my field from my windows and it will make sorting the horses around work soooo much easier.
So yay, that happened, and it's all very fun.
Also we had a new addition to the field on Monday when Freddie's person's mum got a new pony. Minnie (Jazmine but that name sucks so Minnie) is a 15.1hh 5 year old TB cross so there's a new friend around.

Tuesday I went to see Sparkie and Jack with Beth and we rode Jack. His flatwork has improved so much over the last couple of months which was lovely to see, and I also got to have a little play on the worlds comfiest trot :)

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  1. How exciting - that is pretty much my childhood dream haha


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