Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Rhean came to visit Sunny on Saturday and we both rode him. I wanted her to see if he understood his canter transitions, and he does, so she helped me get my asking a little more solid and I was able to get him to canter more smoothly. However she did comment that he's very unbalanced, which I knew, and gave me some tips to help him get some balance. She also recommended doing less work in canter and sticking with lots of walk and trot until he's built up some balance. I'll be getting a pessoa type lunging aid soon and we'll start working with that. Lots of work ahead but I can see great things happening. She said she can tell he's going to be super once he's got his balance and grown up a little.
Then yesterday Beth came to the yard with me and we long reined him. He was really good, worked really hard and looked fab. More working on the long reins until I get the pessoa and he should start to build up his balance nicely.

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