Monday, 22 July 2013

Summer jumping

I don't know if I ever mentioned on here, but the farm I'm at is one of two owned by the same extended family (brothers own each part, the upper and lower). I'm at the lower farm and the woman at the upper farm also has horses and has a jumping field. I was hacking the other week and asked if there was any chance I'd be able to use the jumping field to try out my saddle over jumps, and she said I was free to use it whenever as long as I put things back when I was done :) How nice is that?!
So on Thursday, it was another ginger day, Beth and I took Sunny up the lane to do some jumping! Sunny hadn't jumped in over a month so I wasn't expecting him to be spectacular, I just wanted to have a little play and see how he was with the saddle. So we set up a small cross poll (about 2'), a plank (at about 2') which is something a little different for him, and a straight about 2'3"ish, not really sure.
After we'd set the jumps up we went down and got him all ready, then walked him up to the field.
As I was warming him up he kept looking at the jumps and I thought he might be deciding they were stupid and he wasn't going to jump them, turns out he wanted to go jump them now! We started out with the little cross pole but after we'd jumped the others he decided the cross was no longer worth his effort and he'd just step over it from walk when he was pointed at it! He loved the plank, you could tell that was the one he most wanted to jump because he really took you towards that one with his ears pricked lol. He jumped the bigger straight beautifully too which was nice because it's probably the biggest he's done for a while (I'd say probably since we went cross country in April).
Beth had a ride too and did some jumping on him and it was lovely to see him jump from the ground!

His back end amuses me so much.

Then later that evening we went up and did some jumping with Sparkie, he was amazing, as always. He seemed to be in a really good mood and was super forward and spritely, it was adorable! He's so much fun to jump! I also jumped a 4 jump course which I've never done before so I was super super happy :)

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