Tuesday, 30 July 2013

'I want to canter in this field before the end of this year'

I said this to Beth last time we hacked Sunny up to the big field, that was my aim, that I would be able to safely and happily canter him through there.
Went out hacking with V again this evening, I do love my little hacks with that girl, she's such a confident rider it's like hacking out with an adult, and Lysie is just freaking adorable.
Hard to distinguish where one ginger ends and the next begins...

So we took them up the lane, through the upper farm and through the gate into the big field. Trotted them up a bit and then asked them to canter, took Sunny a couple of asks and he kept dropping back into trot and looking and Lysie but once he realised she was keeping up he happily went for a canter. I even cantered him towards home with no breaking problems, he came back down into trot as soon as I even thought about it. He then hacked home perfectly, in front the whole way which is not like him (On his own he's fine, in groups he will lead for a while but then likes to get it back and make sure he'd rounded everyone up lol) and wasn't strong after his cantering. He's such an amazing kid, I love him so much :))

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