Saturday, 15 June 2013

Two flatwork sessions

Rode my little monkey today and yesterday and I'm going to post about them both in one because they pretty much went the same.
Flatworked him both days, he's getting so much better at standing to have his polos wrapped without picking up his leg to see what's happening to it lol. I plaited him up as well today because it started chucking it down while I was grooming so it killed some time while the rain settled. He stood really nicely while I did his forelock and only fidgeted a little as I was finishing his mane.

Both days started off warming up on both reins, making sure he was at least trying to bend when on the left rein and not just sticking his head towards the right. Even just keeping his head straight on the left rein is an improvement but I was at some points getting a little left bend. More in walk than any other gait though. Then brought in some trot work and he was trying really hard, trying to give me a little left bend and really good on the right rein. Then we cantered on the right (his good) rein, he was lovely, striking off on the correct leg the majority and today the one time he didn't he auto changed with a lovely little flying change. Then worked on the left lead. He's improving each ride and today was definitely better than yesterday but we're still not getting the correct lead on the left rein. However a week ago I couldn't even get him facing in the right direction to strike off a canter on the left rein so cantering to the left on the wrong lead is still an improvement, we'll just keep working on it and I'm sure one day we'll get there.

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