Monday, 6 May 2013

Too hot for tack

Being on nights since thursday has meant that pony hasn't been worked since wednesday, which he was perfectly happy with ;) But I finished my last night shift this morning so after a couple of hours sleep I headed up to the yard to spend some good quality time with him. Brought him in from the field (he's out full time now, yay!) and spent a good long time giving him a nice groom. It was really hot today and I didn't want to have to make him wear a saddle or put on my tall boots, so I wore my jod boots and just put his bridle on for a bareback session. He was really good, much smoother than he's been recently bareback, had a couple of naps at the gate which was educational for me to sit but overall he was really good. A good half hour session in walk/trot/canter and he was getting really warm, I hate to think how sweaty he would have been in tack. 

Canter to trot transitions bareback kill me, I suck at them!

I decided rather than bringing him back around to the yard to take his bridle off I'd just ride him back down to his field and take it off when we got there. He was a little slow to get the gate openeing today but we got there and then strolled down the field to his section. 
When I took his bridle off he went for a good roll and let me pet his head while he was rolling which was adorable, then he had a drink and we just snuggled for a little while. At one point while I was petting his ears he put his head between my legs and lifted it up and I actually came off the floor! It was hilarious, he's such a funny pony! Then I just emptied, cleaned and refilled his water buckets, did some poo picking, had one last cuddle and left him to hang out like the independent big boy he seems to have become all of a sudden. He's not pining for Bella or yelling to the other horses at all, it's not at all how I expected him to be but I'm very proud of him!

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