Monday, 29 April 2013

The retun of long reining

I know I know, two posts in one day! I didn't want to try and cram them both into one and I knew I'd have something to post tomorrow but I wanted to post about our work today so I'm keeping on top of this blogging thing! Yay me!
So today I long reined Sun. For the first time in about 6 months. Baby was PERFECT! Oh my goodness he was amazing, he worked so hard at bringing his back up and reaching into the contact, spent most of the session in a beautiful shape and was able to work his back and topline on both reins in walk and trot. I could actually see his neck muscles working! He found it harder on the left rein as that's where he's stiffest but he was able and tried really hard. I was so proud of him for trying and not trying to get out of it when it was difficult, really shows that he's becoming so grown up!

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