Monday, 22 April 2013

First cross country schooling

I mentioned last week that on Saturday I was taking Sundance out for his first cross country. Well, we did it. We went schooling at an equestrian farm not far from us with Lottie (on Molly) and Beth (on Sparkie) and had a brilliant day!
He was amazing to get on the trailer as always, just strolled up like he lived there, then we went to collect Molly and when she got in the trailer he apparently (I was in my car and had popped to a cash machine) just looked at her like 'Hi, welcome to my trailer'. What a sweetie!
Dad towed the trailer and Lottie, Pixie and I followed in my car. Got them uploaded when we got there and met up with Beth and Sparkie. Sunny was SO loud while we were getting tacked up. Like talking to the whole of the town loud. My goodness my pony is chatty lol.
He was an absolute babe around the course, not perfect by some people's standards but he didn't buck once and only had a little nap when I tried to get him in the water again after he'd already been in up to his knees. He jumped everything I pointed him at, some took some encouragement but he went over them, and he had beautiful breaks. Never tried to take off on me, never ran around with his head in the air. He was just a complete and utter babe. I seriously couldn't have asked anything more of him. I was so very proud! Can't wait to get him out and about more this year and let my little guy show his amazing personality (and looks. Lets not lie, he's gorgeous) to more people :)

He was the tallest! This has never happened before!

I'm in love with this picture.

Beth and Sparks, Lottie and Mol, Me and Sunny

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