Sunday, 6 January 2013

All prettied up!

Sunny's new saddle arrived this weekend! Yay! Tried it on him today, it needs a slightly bigger gullet but other than that it seems like a good fit :) I've got the next gullet size ordered and I'll have it checked properly before I ride in it, but I have good feelings!

Dad and I rode together again today, started off in the school doing some walk, trot, canter work, it was mainly a warm up to get them listening as we planned to take them down the field. So we got them working nicely and paying attention and then headed out down the fields. We let them have a canter down, they were really good, Sun stretched out really nicely and came back to me easily when I asked for trot so I was very proud of him :)
Had a little play down there, playing with the little water thats left, Sunny happily walked through it the first time but when I pointed him at it at a trot he decided it was now narrow enough that there was no need to get his feet wet and did a flying leap over it. Totally unseated me but I didn't fall off, and he didn't run off after so all good! Brought them back down to the school after a while to do some more work with them in there and put out the milk crates to give them something fun to do. Sunny's never seen them before, Bella normally weaves around them at trot, but today they both decided they were going to weave through at canter, I was pretty impressed with the bending really! Although the second time Bella went to them she couldn't figure out the first one as it was 'in her way' so she just jumped over it and weaved the others lol. Ahhh bless.
Then brought them out and walked around the front of the yard, there's a big weird trailer type vehicle on the yard at the minute so we decided to see what they did if we walked them past it. Nothing. Not an interesting story really was it? Haha, but they were both very fun today, had a good ride :)

We're thinking of giving Bella either a tracer clip or a full clip as she gets SOOOOO sweaty when my dad rides bless her. Might have Sunny get a bib just to see how he is and get him used to clipping as no doubt he'll need it next winter.

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